A love story steeped in dark secrets

Dylan is forced to come out after his secret relationship with Ellis is exposed on social media, but to his surprise, everyone is really supportive – or appears to be. But Dylan’s and El’s happiness is short-lived, and following a tragic accident, Dylan begins to realize how little he knows about the boy he loves or those closest to him.
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William Hussey

William Hussey is an award-winning author of books for children and Young Adults. As a gay man and a visiting author, he has spoken to hundreds of LGBTQ+ students worldwide. Hearing their stories of modern intolerance, prejudice and the tragic consequences this has can lead to inspired him to write Hideous Beauty.

Praise for Hideous Beauty

“The UK finally has an answer to Adam Silvera.”

“A touching tale of LGBTQ+ identity with an intense, emotional mystery…poignant and powerful.”

“Beautifully written and unpredictable.”

“Had me completely hooked in a way that only the likes of Adam Silvera and Karen McManus have managed.”

“I love love love this book. Buy it, read it, support it. Brilliant, realistic characters; excellent queer representation; thrilling mystery; important themes; beautiful writing. Essential reading.”

“A mystery with same sex kissing. Lots of kissing. Heartbreakingly good.”

“A thriller like nothing I have ever read before… A beautiful, horrific, funny, sad, hilarious and tragic story. I implore everyone to read it.”

“A brilliant reminder that regardless of our orientation, our race, our gender, our upbringing…we are all dealing with things, and we all need to be there for each other.”

“I couldn’t put it down, I cried, my heart swelled with love and joy, and I cried some more!”

“Captures the utter absorption of young love: the feeling of discovering something brand new, and feeling like you’re in your own world…so authentic.”

“A mysterious gut-wrenching love story. Pure mastery.”

“An absolute stunner of a book.  Superb writing, realistic characters, hard-hitting but relevant themes and brilliant queer rep. YA needs more books like this.”

‘“A heartwarming exploration of love. A treatise on consent, representation and surface level acceptance. A soul crushing look at grief with a layered central mystery.”

“It’s gay and beautiful.”

“Just finished Hideous Beauty and I loved it. But that last chapter has broken me.”

“Finished Hideous Beauty. Dude. I’m in awe.”

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