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Title Tease

A little later than promised, but here is a rundown of some of the Chapter Titles from the final Witchfinder book, due to be published the first week in September. While you’re here don’t forget to enter the ‘Once in a Demontide’ competition for your chance to win the FIRST EVER signed set of the trilogy. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post further down this page (you have to click onto the post to leave a comment). Anyway, enough gabbing from me, on with the titles!

Prologue: THEN – circa 29,000 BC – Where Demons Dwell

1: Blood & Ash

2: Buried Alive

3. Strange Voices

4. Return to Hobarron’s Hollow

5. Catechism of the Canvas Man

6. The Ghost Church

7. Terror from the Sky

8. A Hero Falls

9. Demon in the Safe House

10. They Swarm

11. The Walls of Reality

12. For Fear of Little Men

13. Hurtling into Hell

14. The Burning Badlands

15. Monster Hunt

16. The Hill That Overlooked Forever

17. Road Rage

18. The Redemption of Prisoner 35712

19. Rabicus on the Road

20. Feeding Time

21. Forest of the Damned

22. The Witchfinder’s Revenge

23. Three Years in the Nightmare Box

24. Face Your God

25. Army at the Gates

26. The Passengers of Charon

27. The Time Before Flesh

28. Citadel of the Demons

29. The Bridge Between Worlds

30. Behold the Horror

31. Song of the Signums

32. Nightfall

33. Parting of the Ways

Epilogue: Nine Months later – A New Dawn

And that’s your lot! By the way, can anyone spot a reference to a very famous 19th century novel by one of France’s favourite sons? Do leave a comment if you guess the connection – I’ll pop back next week to reveal the answer.

2 Responses to “Title Tease”

  1. Elaine says:

    i just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for the books which arrived at the weekend. 😀

  2. Ray Edwards says:

    Great books. Can’t wait to read the 3rd book; better still to win the signed set.

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