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New Competition & First Nightfall Review!

Another chance to win a signed set of the Witchfinder trilogy – only the 2nd in existence! Go to the brilliant Bookgeeks website here to find out how – then pop back to find the answer to their competition question! Bookgeeks is a fascinating site, full of author interviews and insightful book reviews, so after you’ve entered the comp why not take a look around? I guarantee that, after a few minutes, you’ll be adding the geeks to your favourites list!

While I’m here, just thought I’d let you know the first review for Witchfinder: The Last Nightfall  is in! Michelle Moore at Book Club Forum gave Nightfall a 5 star rating and concluded by saying, ‘The Witchfinder series has proven to be great reading from beginning to end. Whilst keeping the ‘real world’ firmly in the background, it has brought horror, witches, demons, magic and evil… as well as friendship and love – not an easy mix to achieve! It’s been fast paced, a joy to read, and is sitting on my shelf waiting to be re-read sometime in the future. Highly recommended!’ The full review can be found here.

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