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How cool is this?! The brilliant cover for the French edition of ‘Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide’. Published by the wonderful team at Castelmore (an imprint of Bragelonne, who publish David Gemmel, Iain M Banks & Clive Barker), ‘Traqueur 1‘ hits the shelves this January. I really love the look of this book – the creepy goatish demon face with eerie glowing eyes, the gorgeous colours of brooding  red and tarnished gold, the cool spiky lettering and the overall design suggesting an ancient tome (a little bit like the fabled ‘Codex Tempus’ from Witchfinder 2: Gallows at Twilight). It’s also the first time with any of my books that my name’s been over the title – careful, Castelmore, I’ll get a big head! Traqueur is in stock and can be ordered from Amazon France by following this link

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