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Masters of Horror!

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Hi guys,

Just a reminder that KJ Wignall and I will be at the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature this Friday (30th September) from 6pm at the Guildhall. We”ll be chatting away about all things grisly, ghostly and ghastly, reading particularly creepy extracts from our books, taking questions from the audience and generally having a spine-tingling laugh!

I’ll also be demonstrating some of the more gruesome methods of torture used by the 17th Century witchfinders. You know, piercing with sharp objects and near-drowning! Audience participation is a must! Be there or be yellow!

I’ve almost finished reading Mr Wignall’s new Young Adult vampire novel ‘BLOOD’. As we used to say back in my young day, it’s ACE! Go straight to Amazon/Waterstones or your friendly local indepedent bookshop and order your copy right now!

For further details of the Bath Fright Night events click HERE

Should be a brilliant evening!