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Win Witchfinder 1: Dawn of the Demontide!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Hi All

Isn’t January just about the most miserable month of the year?! Even the hellish denizens of the Demon Father’s domain are feeling gloomy, their razor-sharp teeth all a-chatter and their infernal blood frozen like the water of Damnation Lake (check out Witchfinder 3, chapter 21, ‘Forest of the Damned’ to find out just how *chilling* that bedevilled body of water really is!).

So to relieve the post-Christmas blues, how’s about a giveaway?

1 signed copy of Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide is up for grabs! All you need to do is leave a comment below this post. I’ll select a winner at random on Friday 25th January.

Good luck!

Competition Winners!

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

A BIG thank you to all who entered the Witchfinder Christmas Competitions!

And the winners (selected at random) are:

Phyllis and Gerry Ellett who found me on Twitter at WitchfinderBook. They win a signed copy of Witchfinder 1: Dawn of the Demontide.

Beth Williams who found me on Facebook at William Hussey Witchfinder. She wins a signed copy of Witchfinder 2: Gallows at Twilight.

And Sarah Webster, who posted a comment on this site. She wins a signed copy of Witchfinder 3: The Last Nightfall.

If I could ask the winners to send me their address by email their prize will be in the post ASAP. My contact details can be found by clicking onto the Author Visit and Workshops section.

Please come back again – more competitions will be posted in the very near future!

Christmas Competitions!

Monday, December 19th, 2011

THIS COMPETITION CLOSES MIDNIGHT 26th DECEMBER 2011… only a few hours to go!


To celebrate Christmas in a very Witchfindery way I’ve put together a competition across 3 platforms:

1. Win Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide by finding me on Twitter at WitchfinderBook and tweeting me a hello!

2. Win Witchfinder: Gallows at Twilight by finding me on Facebook at William Hussey Witchfinder and posting a howdy on my wall!

3. Win Witchfinder: The Last Nightfall by posting a comment on this site!

3 winners will be selected from all entrants and the competition closes on Boxing Day (26th December). Only 1 week to enter, guys!

In the meantime, I’d just like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all you Witch-seekers! May your cauldrons bubble and your demons dance!

(PS – the pic above is from the brilliant Finnish film Rare Exports: A Christmas Movie, well worth a watch if you’re interested in the dark origins of a certain Mr Claus…)