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First Class – Four Grins

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

After being sniffy about the photoshopped poster in my last post, I’m back to tell you X-Men First Class is bloody brilliant! I went the other night with a few friends and came out grinning. If I was running a star system here for my occasional ramblings about movies, books, TV stuff etc, I’d probably give X-Men four : ) out of 5. But that wouldn’t really work, would it? I mean, a one or two grin review would surely constitute a : ( or even a >:-(  , and that would be just plain silly… See what I mean about rambling! Alas, I think this will be my reviewing style – all wandering off at tangents punctuated by the odd exclamation mark…!

Back to X-Men – WARNING: spoilers follow.