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HAUNTED cover & Quote 3!

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Hi guys

It’s time for another random/intriguing quote from Haunted! But before we get to that, here at last is the cover for the finished book!

Illustrated by the phenomenally talented Rohan Eason, whose previous credits include his brilliant, atmospheric work on The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, it reflects the dark fairy tale vibe of a story in which a young girl must overcome her grief to battle the spectral forces that are threatening her town. The cover shows our hero, Emma Rhodes, approaching the derelict (and quite possibly haunted) Sparrow House: the former residence of a mass murderer, the Victorian ruin now harbours a mysterious newcomer to the cursed town of Milton Lake.

As Emma approaches so the spirits of the ‘unmade’ swarm around her. It is a bold, stark design which, we hope, will catch the eye and stir the imagination. It hints at the tone of the book – mystery, intrigue, spookiness galore and more than a few heart-stopping surprises – but also leaves much to the imagination…

Here’s a look at the full book design. On the back you can see the fabled ‘Ghost Machine’ telephone discharging its ectoplasmic, spirit-forming energy onto the page. This then forms into those shadowy characters that threaten Emma Rhodes.

For larger versions just click on the images!

You can also read all about the challenges HAUNTED presented over at the brilliant Book Zone website – just click here

And now for the third intriguing HAUNTED quote:

‘She had laid down the challenge and then abandoned her brother to the spell of the Sparrow House…’

See you soon for more Haunted news and yet more teasing and tantalizing random lines!


Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Hi All

Over the coming months, I’ll be posting some intriguing and some purely random quotes from my forthcoming thriller HAUNTED. You can find out more about the book by clicking here. And so on with the first quote:

‘… I did not want it to be true. That is why I treated you so roughly, Oliver. You were the only one whose voice I could not deny. Now, as silence and darkness nears, I beg your forgiveness.

Your friend, Thomas Edison.’

The End is…. HERE!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

A morning of long, tedious but ultimately necessary research was stretching out ahead of me (I’m in the thick of preparing all the material I’ll need to write my new set of supernatural thrillers for Oxford University Press – more news about those to follow in the next few months) when I heard the postie coming down the lane. Now, postie’s been delivering proof pages and ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) of my five published books since 2008 and he knows when a new one’s in the offing. He was also aware that the Witchfinder series was drawing to its close. The last book was on its way…

The doorbell rings.

The post is handed over with a knowing smile.

I tore open the package stamped ‘Oxford University Press’. Inside, a slip of paper from Helen Bray, office administrator at OUP children’s books, confirming ‘here is the FINAL instalment of the Witchfinder trilogy!’ And so it proved to be. The last book, in which we journey into the bleakest regions of the hellscape, accompanying Jake Harker on his final desperate quest to defeat the Demon Father and discover the ultimate truth about himself and the mysterious source of Oldcraft. Here it was: almost two years of work in my hands. Over 1,100 pages and in excess of 260,000 words. The tale is told, the journey is over. To quote a famous Hobbit, I’d been there and back again…