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The Eyes Have It

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Here’s the first pic to be released from my favourite genre show of last season, The Walking Dead. Based on the kick-ass comic book series of the same name, director Frank Darabont’s vision of a post-apocalyptic world was at once terrifying and deeply moving. The early episodes were particularly gripping as Andrew Lincoln’s Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes (great character name) set out across an asphalt wilderness in search of his wife and child. 

Unlike a lot of TV horror, the scares were genuinely unsettling and the blood flowed freely, but the gut-wrenching wasn’t all of a visceral nature. The moment when Rick enters the survivors camp and locks eyes with his little boy was a real tearjerker. There have been reports that Darabont is concerned with budget cuts being made to the second season, saying that such restrictions may affect the quality of the show. On a more positive note it has been rumoured that long-time Darabont collaborator Stephen King may be on board to write a season 2 episode! In the meantime, let’s enjoy this charming little snapshot.